Why register?

Registration ensures you've provided the necessary contact information in case you decide pre-select your items for pickup or delivery.

You'll also be able to ask a staff member to activate online order history and invoice re-printing.

Creating your customer account

Where to click to create your account
  1. In the top-right corner of most pages, a button showing "Login / Register" appears. Click that button to pop open a login box
  2. Click the button marked "Create Account"
  3. Fill in the form and click "Send Registration"

Activating order history and invoice reprinting

Next time you're in one of our store locations, ask a salesperson to link your online account to your in-store account. We may ask which email address you used to register your online account.

Viewing order history & account balance

How to view order history  account balance

In the top-right corner of most pages, you can click your name to reveal the "Address Orders" button. (If you don't see your name, log in.) If activation was successful, your in-store order history will appear after a moment, along with your account balance.

Reprinting invoices

  1. From your order history list, click "View" on any invoice you wish to re-print
  2. While viewing an invoice, use your browser's normal print command. The location of the click-able/tap-able print command depends on the browser and operating system, but the keyboard shortcuts works almost universally: Command+P on a Mac or Control+P on others.

When printed, the invoice will fill the page, without menus or extraneous graphics.

Print preview of an invoice
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