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Services & Fees


  • Hardware and software diagnostics
  • PC checkup / PC tuneup / general maintenance
  • Hardware installation / computer assembly
  • Virus & malware removal
  • Data transfer and data backup


$50.00/hr - Our shop rate for miscellaneous work.

$35.00 - Rush service
This is an additional fee and is charged for any priority services. These systems are bumped to the front of the queue and receive next spot available on our benches.

$50.00 - System diagnostics*
This Includes Hardware or Software troubleshooting to determine the issue and an estimate to repair.
*This fee may be waived or reduced if other labour services are being performed, such as malware removal or an operating system installation. We will contact you with an updated quote after diagnostics are complete.

$100.00 - Operating system Installation fee - Windows 8.1/10

$125.00 - Operating system Installation fee - Windows 7/8.0
Includes Updates and Drivers. Must have a valid Microsoft COA (license key) affixed to the system.

$100.00 - Adware, spyware and minor malware removal

$150.00 - Virus, trojan and major malware removal
There is a large variety of Malware. Depending on the severity, a higher fee may be charged.

$50.00-$150.00 - Data transfer / data backup / data recovery**
$50 for data 0-100GB. $100 for data 100GB-250GB. $150 for data 250GB-1000GB. Additional fees may apply if over 1TB of storage. Certain data (programs) may not be transferred or retained.
**OTV may be able to help with some data recovery. The hard drives involved must be in good working condition. We understand that your data is important to you, however hardware and software failures can cause irretrievable data loss. We cannot be responsible for complete data recovery.

$75.00 - Computer checkup / tuneup
Your system will be optimized for performance and speed. A full software diagnostics will be done to ensure a healthy operating system. Your hardware will also be diagnosed and we will make recommendations for any changes or upgrades. Your computer will be dusted and cleaned out as well to prevent heating issues and help maintain a longer lifespan.

OTV corporate services and outbound / on site services

An OTV employee may be available for outbound service if you are not able to bring your machine to us. This is limited to businesses and company buildings. OTV does not provide outbound services to private residences.

On-site work is generally scheduled in advance and billed at an hourly rate based on priority ($50-85/hr). OTV may not offer on-site services during certain times of the season and may be limited to certain locations.

Additional information and other services.

  • Saskatchewan's Enviromental Handling Fees (EHF) can be found here.
  • OTV does not provide over the phone support for any 3rd party products.
  • Virus removal does not include the installation of an anti-virus program.
  • A half hour labour fee may be charged to test individual parts, such as a GPU.
  • OTV offers RAM and hard drive installation for a fee. Depending on the complexity of accessing the memory banks and hard drive bays in certain systems this will range from half hour to 1 hour labour.
  • We are not equipped to troubleshoot internet connection issues. Contact your ISP to rule out any internet service provider issue.
  • OTV offers to build and assemble computers and, depending on the complexity, our fees will range. Please inquire with our service or sales team for any custom PC builds.