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Services2 (In-House)

The OTV Service department is here for all your computer troubleshooting needs! Got an ailing desktop or laptop computer? Give us a call, or bring in the system in, and we'll figure out how to proceed depending on your system's symptoms. All book-ins done at the counter. See below for a full list of services we offer.

Please note: All service prices are based on the rate of $50/hr

System Diagnostics:

Book-in: $50

Includes general hardware and basic software diagnostics. This fee will be credited towards any necessary service charges.
  • First hour required as a deposit
  • Additional fees starting at $25 if a laptop needs to be disassembled during diagnostics
  • Additional $10 cleaning fee will be required if we deem necessary

Rush Book-in: $85/hr

Skip the service queue to the next available spot for testing. Replaces Diagnostic fee, first hour required as a deposit.

Extended Single-Component Diagnostic: $25

Diagnostics of a single, separately brought in component, such as Power Supply, RAM, or Graphics Card.


Computer Checkup: $75

General diagnostics and system tune-up. Includes disc defrag and startup program cleanup.

Virus, spyware, and malware removal: $150

  • There is a large variety of Malware. Depending on the severity, a higher fee may be charged
  • While we run a variety of tools we cannot guarantee the removal of all infections. If some cases a full wipe and reinstall of Windows may be the only option
  • We do not offer this service with Crypto virus's or ransomware. We will only format the HDD and reinstall Windows in such cases

Windows Installation

Windows 10: $100
Customer provides license key and COA (Certificate of Authenticity)
Windows 7/8: $150
Customer provides license key and COA (Certificate of Authenticity)

Windows Account Password Removal: $25

Please note we CANNOT remove a password associated with a Microsoft account.

Computer Cleaning: $10

Physical Cleaning. Blowout and Wipe down of PC.

Drive Clone: $75

Cloning success is dependent on condition of the hard drive.

Data Backup

$1 per GB. Does not include cost of storage media for backed up data.

  • Minimum charge of $25 if no other services provided.

Data Recovery: $75/hr

Recovery of deleted data. We cannot guarantee quality or quantity of data recovered.

Labour Fees

General Labour: $50/hr

Time spent making repairs.

Computer Assembly: $75

Any operation that requires installing a motherboard into a case. Prices may increase based on difficulty of installation.

Laptop Screen Installation: $85

We order replacement screens based off the exact screen model number, which requires disassembly.
  • Please note: we generally cannot replace touch screens

Power Supply Installation: $25

Replacement of a power supply in an already assembled tower. Price is for most tower configurations, and may increase based on difficulty of installation.

Quick Counter Service $5-10

Minor services able to be performed at the counter, not requiring a book-in, that take under 20 mins.

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