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Power : NFC Switch : Bluetooth : Home Automation w/ Timer : 10530 : Monoprice

Product SKU:  202390
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Home Automation Switch w/ Timer - Bluetooth

Home Automation has been a feature of science fiction stories for quite some time, but reality has lagged quite a bit. Oh, sure you can sometimes turn on the lights by clapping just right, but that isn't really automated, since you have to clap (and clap again, and clap again, etc.). True reactive Home Automation is finally here using your Apple iPhone® or iPad® and this Home Automation Switch with Timer from Monoprice!

This switch features a Bluetooth™ connection which allows you to control it using a free app on your iPhone or iPad. The app allows you to create timers to control the power outlet. You can have multiple timers configured, which allows for more complex timer settings than possible with only a single timer. 

While the timers bring a level of automation to the switch, true reactive automation is made possible by the inclusion of the Near Field Control (NFControl) feature. NFControl is similar to, but somewhat different from, Near Field Communications (NFC). Unlike NFC, which is typically used for pairing devices, NFControl uses the proximity of your paired Bluetooth device to switch the outlet on when your phone is within range and turning it off when it goes out of range. The app allows you to fine tune the NFControl activation range so that the right appliances turn on and off at the right times as you move through your home.

The app also allows direct control of the switch, temporarily overriding the Timer and NFControl settings to apply or remove power as desired. The switch measures about 2.5" wide, 3.7" high, and 1.3" thick.