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Speakers : Portable : USB Rechargeable/MicroSD : Silver : ZM_S500 : Zalman
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  • Compact Design - Enjoy your music anytime anywhere.
  • Connect to Portable Devices - Use 3.5mm cable to enjoy music on the portable devices with high quality powerful speaker.
  • Play/Volume Buttons - Use the internal buttons to play the music and adjust the volume.
  • Powerful Sound - Special acoustic design structure that lets air compress and expand to release energy. Features real-time tracking volume compensation. This simply means that when you reduce the volume, you can still experience a good resonating sound at a low frequency level.
  • Easy recharging with USB.
  • Plug & Play microSD - Play music through micro SD (under 8gb) that supports MP3, MP4 format without any external devices.
  • Water-resistant - High quality Aluminum case and water-resistant designed for safer use.
  • Non-skid Pad - Keeps it stable even on the slippery glass surface.


Built-in Lithium battery voltage
Frequency response 60Hz - 18KHz
Lithium battery capacity 400mAh
SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) 95dB
Recharging voltage 5V
Distortion degree 0.5%
Horn specification 40mm 2.6 Ohm 3W
Dimensions 2.36 x 2.36 x 1.97 inches
Weight 227g (0.5 Pounds)

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