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Disc Media arrow DVD±R, DVD±RW (DVD) arrow Media : DVD+R DL : 25 Spool : Silver : 8x : DR8S8B25F/17 MIDVDP02 : Philips

Media : DVD+R DL : 25 Spool : Silver : 8x : DR8S8B25F/17 MIDVDP02 : Philips
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  • Play back original videos and access data using most DVD writers, DVD players, and DVD-ROM drives
  • Enjoy greater durability than with VHS tapes: 30 years vs. 7¨C10 years
  • Protect files from being accidentally deleted
  • Excellent compatibility with most DVD±R/DVD±RW drives
  • Excellent for any general purpose data storages
  • Low data error rate
  • Can be played back on most DVD-ROM and Players


  • Media Format: DVD+R DL (Dual Layer)
  • Capacity: 8.5GB / 240 Minutes
  • Surface Type: Full Logo (Branded) Surface
  • Speeds Supported: 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X
  • Quantity: 25 discs
  • Package: Cakebox spool

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0 # Not so great mediaRiley Stagg 2012-01-03 16:52
I bought Philips dl dvd+r before from OTV with a printable top, and those were way better. These ones with a silver top seem to have way less reflectivity. Mind you, they are from the same manufacturer and have the same media ID CMC MAGD03@ (CMC Magnetics Corporation)
Nero Discspeed gave these silver top discs a 53 percent (terrible and will wear out your dvd player or pc's laser).
KProbe2 told me that right around the layerbreak the disc has a huge spike in its pi, the best results i got were this:
PI Max : 211
PI Average : 27.82
PIF Max : 4
PIF Average : 0.13
But most of the discs i burned had a PI Max of 400+. you are looking for around 100 as a max.
the printable top ones with the same test
PI Max : 69
PI Average : 8.78
PI Total : 246920
PIF Max : 4
PIF Average : 0.28
PIF Total : 7985
if only i didnt waste the 20 bucks on these silver tops. guess ill stick to verbatims from now on
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0 # RE: Not so great mediaotvryan 2012-01-04 10:25
We still do carry the Inkjet models in 50 packs :

24272 - Media : DVD+R : 50 : Inkjet Printable/Dual Layer : 16x : Philips : DR8I8B50P/17 $45.71

They are not up on our site yet but should be soon.
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