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Power : Battery Charger : w/ 4 Pack AA 2 Hour : 7904 AC748 : ACDelco
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Always on the Ready.

This ACDelco 2 Hours Battery Charger means you can always have fully charged batteries ready to go. Keep a set of batteries on the charger while another set are in use. When you need more power, just swap the sets out and your ready to go again. There never needs to be any down time. This kit comes complete with a set of 4 ACDelco Pre-Charged AA Ni-MH batteries so your ready to go the instant they arrive.

AC Delco Insta-Use (Pre-Charged ) Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries employ the latest rechargeable battery technology that allows them to hold a charge longer than conventional Ni-MH batteries. A lower self-discharge rate means they are ready to go right out of the package. These batteries can be recharged hundreds of times reducing the carbon footprint of your electronic devices and saves you money. High 2,000mAh capacity outlasts alkalines at each charge.



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